Our institute provides excellent infrastructure facilities with equipped laboratories, modern computers, spacious & furnished classrooms, seminar hall, workshop, drawing hall library and canteen as per Dr.B.R.A. University. Besides the college has a beautiful lush Green campus with all modern amenities & facilities for the students, which aids the learning process. As a part of the expanded learning resources, the college offers virtual classroom facilities through LCD projector linkage. College interaction (both students & Faculty member) with renowned facilities is possible through video conferencing. Thus, Students can enhance their knowledge base.

Computer Lab


The Campus Provides Computer facility for the students, including a lab with about 50 computers connected to the centralized servers with 100Mbps Ethernet-Connectivity. Every workplace in the campus has network connectivity. The college has a state-of the art computer center with a campus wide network-LAN facility. There are 50 systems with color monitors. Licensed multiuser versions of the required softwares have been installed along with internet & e-mail facilities.

Each student is provided with an independent system. The students are encouraged to make full use of the facilities to train themselves in modern computer applications is S/W development and H/W technology. They are inspired to achive latest knowledge in the field of computer.

The college has a wide range of softwares of Microsoft platform. Our labs are equipped with Microsoft Products (Windows 2007 Server, Windows XP, Net Server, Ms SQL Server-2007). Window Vista.

Wi Fi Campus


The entire campus is wifi enabled, with a high speed internet connection. It allows student to access the internet wherever they are. The Coverage is not restricted to classrooms but also extends to areas including library, garden etc. The websites browed by the students are regularly monitored.



The library includes a large number of books, national and international periodicals and journals in addition to the project reports. The center aims to facilitate production & dissemination of knowledge, information, insight & intellectual ambition in all the areas of education among the academic & business community. The library resource center is fully automated. 

The library houses national & international editions on various topics accompanied by important journals, Magazines and News papers to keep the student abreast of the latest advancements & developments in the field of Management and Computer Science.

Cultural Events & Sports


The management and the village administration sincerely believe that active participation by the students in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is essential for the wholesome development of their personality and success in life. Students at NDMV have ample of opportunities to participate in these activities. They get a chance to demonstrate their creative, literary, musical oratory and artistic talents through annual cultural programs. The college campus provides facilities for various indoor and outdoor game such as cricket, table tennis, badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, etc and our students regularly participate in various sports competition at all India, State and University levels.

For overall mental & physical fitness of the students special YOGA & Meditation sessions are held in the morning & evening under the guidance of an expert YOGA teacher. Separate well equipped Gymnasiums for boys & girls also exist for the same purpose and are enthusiastically availed by both boys & girls.


Sports activities are a regular feature of the college calendar & campus life. The college has good facilities for indoor & outdoor games.

Medical facilities

We provides medical facilities on the campus, A qualified doctor visits the campus regularly. first aid-boxes located in the college campus.

virtual classroom

As a part of the expanded learning resources, the college offers virtual classroom facilities through LCD projector linkage.

RO Drinking Water

The college provide clean & safe drinking water through a Commercial RO system that supplies 100 liters of mineral water every hour.